More dog kibble recalls

7 05 2012

Susan Thixton has a well organized page of recent growing recall list.  All the different brands of kibble were produced by Diamond Foods plant in South Carolina.  It’s important to note the danger to humans in this also, just from handling the kibble or contamination of surfaces in your kitchen.  Young children, the elderly, as well as anyone with a compromised immune system is at risk.  Find out if your own dog is currently being fed one of the kibbles listed here:

If like many of us you empty your newly opened bag of kibble and pour it into an airtight container for safe storage, remember to retain the code on your bag before tossing it into the trash.  That makes it simple to trace when we get recalls like this one.


12 04 2012

ALERT! Toxic treats…again!


4 03 2012
PLEASE SIGN HB 4170 into Law.

Take Action!

A common sense bill to allow dog training and testing on Oregon farms.
Congratulations to Oregon dog enthusiasts! HB 4170 has passed both houses of the Oregon legislature unanimously with bipartisan support, and is on its way to the governor’s desk for his signature.

That means it’s time to contact Governor Kitzhaber and ask him to support our bill!

Using your own words, tell the governor how important this bill is to you; urge him to support it and thank him for his consideration. It’s that simple.

To contact the governor, scroll to the Take Action area and send him your message. We have written a number of talking points for you to consider, but the text is editable so you can pick a couple of them and then change them to your words, or erase all of the text you see and replace it with your own paragraph. The point is, our language is there to guide and give you ideas, but we want you to write in your own words.

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Will work for food

2 05 2010

Jakey-Jake happy to pose

Jake Sends His Love

17 04 2010

Jake sends his love
Once again, taken w/ Scott’s Nikon D90, with natural light only. Not only does Jake like this camera, so do I! Just borrowed while my D40X was out of action, I think it is about to become my own 🙂

Likes Scott’s D90

17 04 2010

Interested in the camera

Columbia River King Charles Cavalier Club

26 06 2009


ACCREDITED CLUB!!!!! We just got the exciting news this morning!!!

We are now moving on and planning our first B Match!! The next meeting is July 8.