Oregon HB 2470 Scheduled for Hearing Monday

20 02 2009

What we object to most of all in Oregon HB 2470 is the following:

Exempts shelters, veterinarians, pet stores and research facilities from new standards of care.”

Join the NAIA Trust to stay abrest of this and many other issues that will ulitmately impact every household that owns or wishes to own a dog, cat, or other domestic animals. Note their Mission Statement:

The Mission of NAIA Trust is to promote the welfare of animals, strengthen the human-animal bond and safeguard the rights of responsible animal owners, enthusiasts and professionals through education, legislation and the courts.”  On the Legislative page of NAIA Trust is a plea to “help us educate the committee.”  We must take action now.

The key word here is “responsible.”   Do you really feel that pet stores selling the cute little puppy in the window can in any way be defined as “responsible?”  Rarely, if ever.  Nor are many other sources of your next dog.  Oregon HB 2470 Scheduled for Hearing Monday exempts those who are most in need of strict regulation.

The human animal bond is a strong one, as these photos of John and Jake clearly demonstrates. Eliminate the responsible breeders and dogs the quality of Jake will fade from the landscape.

Close Connections

Close Connections

And then another of my favorites:

They Have these Conversations

They Have these Conversations

The bond between these two is clearly obvious!

Close Communication

Close Communication




3 responses

27 02 2009
Cindy Koehring

It’s a shame that so many of us just don’t “get it”, me included, to a certain degree. Legislators need to be made to understand the bottom line here. Sounds like this legislation, aimed supposedly at protecting our domestic animals, will make little impact on the puppy mills and others who seek to exploit our wonderful furry friends.

13 03 2009
Heads up in Texas and California! « A Bark in Time

[…]   Note Oregon HB 2470 is already in […]

17 11 2010
Shower Cubicle

the pet store here in our area offers me a great deal of discount when i buy from them `;`

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