Heads up in Texas and California!

13 03 2009

     All of you in Texas had best get busy…you are facing Mandatory Spay Neuter of ALL dogs as of September 1, 2009.  The animal rights people have wormed their way into your government, in order to further their agenda, and they don’t care whose constitutional rights are trampled on. 

   The time is NOW, to let your government officials know just how you feel about this kind of legislation! Texas SB 1845 has been filed and will be heard in the Senate before the end of next week.  See RPOA Texas Outreach for additional ways to keep the over reaching piece of legislation from passing.  BTW, just because you might not live in Texas doesn’t mean you can ignore this.  Perhaps a donation to the RPOA PayPal account would be in order?  Definitely contact all your Texas friends.

   There is ONE very narrow exemption for show dogs…and only then with a permit………the proposed price for a permit to keep an intact animal is $300 (each)…….
    This bill has subsections with completely NEW language (Section 828)………and if this passes,Texas can probably wave goodbye to most of the purebred dog population.
      Yes, it seems impossible………..but if y’all Texans don’t raise the devil with your elected State officials………after September 1, prepare to spay and neuter EVERYTHING…………

    Now as for you pet owners in California, here comes Ca SB 250, and borrowing a  quote PetPac “Regardless of what the bill says, or what the proponents say, their intent is to wipe out intact dogs and cats, and by so doing, wipe out all dogs and cats.”  Also in this bill we note the term “custodian” is used in the bill but is not defined in the legislation or within the existing Food and Agriculture Code. This term is simply another word for “guardian.” The appropriate term is “owner” rather than “guardian” when referring to the keeping of dogs. The use of “guardian” may in fact reduce the legal status and value of dogs as property and thereby restrict the rights of owners.  We, the people, are owners, plain and simple.  We may call our dogs family, and indeed we should treat them as part of the family circle, but nonetheless, they are our property.  We are their owners, knowing full well that with that right must come responsibility.  CA SB 250 actually does not address the real issue of responsibility and in fact may cause more problems than it could possibly resolve.  It does not address the fundamental reasons that animals are surrendered, or assist those pet owners who are losing their homes and jobs. This measure will only increase the burdens on animal control departments in California.  Please contact your State Senator and ask him or her to oppose SB 250!

       Note Oregon HB 2470 is already in process!




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