18 03 2009

Attention all Oregon NAIA members and dog owners! National Animal Interest Lobby Day has been rescheduled to coincide with the next hearing on Oregon HB 2470, the HSUS supported bill to impose unreasonable and ineffective new regulations on dog ownership and breeding. We are now asking all Oregon NAIA members to join us in Salem on Monday, March 30th for a day of lobbying and testifying on the most critical issues for animal owners.

Oregon HB 2470 is anticipated to receive its second hearing and a possible vote at 3:00 pm that day in the House Consumer Protection Committee. We strongly feel that we can make the greatest impact by combining our lobbying efforts with especially high turnout at the hearing.

NAIA recently participated in two work group meetings called by the Consumer Protection Committee in an attempt to address our many concerns and get the parties supporting and opposing to agree on a rewrite of the bill. Unfortunately, no consensus was reached, and HB 2470 is still likely to contain an arbitrary number cap on intact dogs, unworkable engineering and care standards, and misguided lemon law provisions. NAIA has made it clear that their goal is to identify a realistic, enforceable way to help eliminate substandard kennels that won’t unfairly target and punish responsible breeders. The message to convey on March 30th will be that responsible animal owners want to support legislation that punishes unethical breeders, and NAIA has an alternative solution that we can all stand behind.

NAIA Oregon Lobby Day
Monday, March 30, 2009
9:30 a.m.
Oregon State Capitol
Conference Room 350

Oregon HB 2470 contains strict new regulations that threaten to seriously undermine the ability to responsibly breed dogs in our state. Not surprisingly, it closely resembles HSUS anti-breeder legislation that has shown up in several other states, including neighboring Washington, so far this year. HB 2470 is sponsored by Representatives Paul Holvey and Sara Gelser and Senators Peter Courtney and Vicki Walker.




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